On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 02:21:33PM +0100, Ivo Smits wrote:
> I tried to connect to the public VDE switches listed on 
> http://wiki.virtualsquare.org/wiki/index.php/%28Experimental%29_Public_VDE_Networks
> , but none of them provided a DHCP address. Can someone look into this?
> I would also like to provide access to the Anonet network 
> (http://wiki.ucis.nl/Anonet) on a public VDE switch. Would anyone be 
> interested in offering a public VDE switch for this purpose? I can 
> provide a DHCP server for some 1.255.x.0/24 network, a gateway into the 
> Anonet network (, as well as BGP peerings into Anonet.

Public VDE networks currently do not provide DHCP addresses.
I can add one, but you can use any IP address you like on public vde networks.
These are just plain (virtual ditributed) Ethernet networks.
If two people connected to the same public vde network use compatible IP 
they can exchange data.
A DHCP server would not be reliable as any user can add another fake one.
It is safer for communities using public vde networks to decide an IP network 
and mask and use random host addresses.

I am investigating on how vde can be connected to ANonet. it is a good idea.

thank you

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