Hi, Thanks for you email. Please see my comments inline.

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 8:26 AM, Renzo Davoli <re...@cs.unibo.it> wrote:
> Dear Shesha
> you are right, you have not had any answer from me yet.
> In these three months I have carefully examined your proposal.
> Many features you suggest are interesting but I think I will
> reimplement them in the mainstream version of VDE.
> * the use of IP sockets for VDEplug connections could be useful
> in situations like the ones you illustrated (thousands of VM in
> a data center).
> Your implementation is not flexible: depending on a command line
> option all the ports use IP sockets or all the ports use UNIX sockets.
> It is not possible to mix the two possibilities.
SHESHA: What is the use case of mixing the two? IP sockets on local
system takes short cuts in the network stack and its performance is
very close to unix sockets.

> Moreover, your implementation of IP sockets is not safe,
> everyone who can access the IP node can join the VDE switch as there are
> no authentication nor authorization controls.
SHESHA: Sure, basic infrastructure will be be the same and you can
build security on top of it. Can't you?
> * the idea of trunk switches is interesting, too.
> I do not like your implementation as it requires a lot of useless data
> structures. In fact, to use the existing code, you allocate all the
> possible VLANS. I think I'll implement that feature using a different
> search policy in the hash table (all the VLANS will be recognized as
> valid).

> * last but not least there is a problem about the license. The code
> you sent me includes a copyright notice of your company.
> I am glad to acknowledge your contribution but I do not want to share
> the copyright of the project.
SHESHA: Here, the new file is for the vde-cli. If you do not want to
include the copyright of my company, then you can exclude the whole

> Thank you very much for your suggestions that will help us to evolve
> VDE.
> All the best.
>         renzo

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