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Summary: unsafe use of dlopen(3)

Initial Comment:
Hello, while performing an audit of vde2 
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vde2/+bug/776818) I found a bug; it 
may even be a security bug. If you decide this is a security issue, please 
contact the linux-distros security list to coordinate a release and request a 
CVE number. (See http://oss-security.openwall.org/wiki/mailing-lists/distros 
for details on using the linux-distros list. Note especially that [vs] is 
required in the Subject: header.)

                TRY_DLOPEN("%s%s", modname, MODULES_EXT);
                TRY_DLOPEN("%s%s/%s", homedir, USER_PLUGINS_DIR, modname);
                TRY_DLOPEN("%s%s/%s%s", homedir, USER_PLUGINS_DIR, modname, 
                TRY_DLOPEN("%s%s", PLUGINS_DIR, modname);
                TRY_DLOPEN("%s/%s%s", PLUGINS_DIR, modname, MODULES_EXT);

It is generally considered poor form to load executable content from the 
current working directory (as this code does if getenv("HOME") fails), and 
loading code from a home directory seems suspect to me. However, I do not know 
the design well enough to make this determination myself.

Please consider if this is unsafe or intentional. If it is intentional, make 
sure that the documentation accurately reflects the risk of allowing executable 
content to exist in current working directories or home directories.


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