Hi all,

as mentioned in the vde help forum (link: 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/vde/forums/forum/330526/topic/7477937), i can't 
connect 3 hosts via vde_cryptcab (all 3 hosts use the vde 2.3.1 and have the 
same shared secret).

in short: 
host1:~ # vde_switch -F -s /tmp/vswitch -d -t tap0
host1:~ # vde_cryptcab -p 2100 -s /tmp/vswitch -P ~/blowfish.key -d
host2:~ # vde_switch -F -s /tmp/vswitch -d -t tap0
host2:~ # vde_cryptcab -p 2100 -c host1:2100 -s /tmp/vswitch -P ~/blowfish.key
host3:~ # vde_switch -F -s /tmp/vswitch -d -t tap0 
host3:~ # vde_cryptcab -p 2100 -c host1:2100 -s /tmp/vswitch -P ~/blowfish.key

the virtual machines on these hosts, connected to the correspnding switches via 
a bridge device, can't connect to each other. but if i connect the switches via 
a dpipe, vde_plug + ssh, the connection between these VMs is possible.

is there anyone, who can help me to solve my problem?

thank you...

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