I'm trying to get my Siemens DVB-C card (with analog-modlule) to work with
eighter MythTV or VDR (with analogTV).

The problem I have is that when I try to configure both DVB (card 0) and V4L (/dev/video0)
I'm unable to get any picture or audio.
The analog module works if I only configure V4L (Television port)
The DVB works if I only configure DVB
There is a DVB port in V4L but I can't get MythTV to use it.

When trying VDR I'm able to get DVB to work without problems
but when I enable and configure analogTV I get an error message when trying to select
an analog channel (error message 'Can't start Transfer Mode' )

Is there a magic button I'm missing or is it impossible to configure both DVB and analog module
to be used from the same application?

/Anders Hanson

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