On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Anders Hanson wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to get my Siemens DVB-C card (with analog-modlule) to work
> eighter MythTV or VDR (with analogTV).


I played arround with my analog-module and mplayer tv:// -tv v4l... -vo
mpegpes (not v4l2). It works, but it was out of a/v-sync because I didn't
touch th sound (but only 1/4 or 1/5 second or even less, I almost didn't
noticed it).

I'm not a linux-dvb expert, but I assume that when using the analog
module the dvb part has to be deactivated, so that an external player can
fill in the mpegpes and can use the tuner to tune to the analog channel.
(DVB and analog module share the tuner).

Last weekend I was playing around with analog tv but it works different,
it expects a mpg output stream from an external encoder. Unfortunately the
current mplayer-pre3 won't work with v4l2 and analog module (don't if it
is a bug in mplayer or in the drivers), which makes testing more difficult
than it needs to be.

For your first test I suggest to use xawtv on your dvb-card. There you
choose INPUT=Television and see if you get a picture. Don't run any other
application which uses the dvb-device at the same time.

What are the others thinking: When you have installed the mplayer-plugin
analogtv should use mplayer -vo mpegpes, shouldn't it? or is there a
problem which I was ignoring now?


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