Hello Anders,

I'm trying to get my Siemens DVB-C card (with analog-modlule) to work with
eighter MythTV or VDR (with analogTV).
Is there a magic button I'm missing or is it impossible to configure both DVB and analog module
to be used from the same application?

Make sure you use 2.6.1 or "dvb-kernel" driver for 2.4.

The "downstream" of the DVB card (ie. the video you can watch with "xawtv" or "kvdr", either from the dvb or the analog input) and the analogTV plugin use the same facilities of the saa7146 chipset.

It's *not* possible to have the analogTV plugin handle the analog module of the DVB card and then watch it through "kvdr" or "xawtv".

You can, however, configure the analogTV plugin to use "vdr" and then see the result on your tv attached to the tv output of your dvb card.

AFAIK "MythTV" doesn't use the tv output of the dvb card, it uses your graphics adapter for the osd. If this is true, the analog module cannot be used with "MythTV".

/Anders Hanson

Unfortunately I cannot give you a step-by-step instruction, because I did not try this with analogTV and vdr. I used the command line mpeg-encoder "nvrec" to record from the analog module, then used "mplayer -vo mpegpes -ao mpegpes" to play the file back while recording. I could see the resulting image on my attached monitor.

So I believe it must work with analogTV, too.


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