Joachim Herb wrote:

I am looking for a barebone for VDR.

A while ago, I thought that a dbox2 would be the ideal machine for VDR playback, as it costs only about as much as a full featured DVB card and is entirely noiseless.

As it turned out, VDR playback currently does not run as well on
a dbox2 as it does on a PC, so I also looked for a barebone.
See the dbox2 threads on the VDR mailing list.

c't 3/2004 has a nice overview - 35 barebones. See
for an excerpt.

My criteria were

*  Silent (under 1.5 Sone)
*  good Linux support (++ rating in the c't Test)
*  no useless gimmics (Radio, analog TV, etc.)
*  not too expensive
*  DVI output (I have a DVI flat panel)
*  Available PCI slot for DVB card

The only system in that test matching these criteria
was the MSI Hetis 865GV-GIGA, see

My favorite shop, did not carry it,
but I asked anyway (mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]) and they
could order it for me at a good price. I expect to get it
next week, so I have no personal experience with it yet.

Space for
- DVB-card (T-Trend Rev 2.1)

2 PCI slots available.

- Harddisk 3,5"

2 3.5" slots available.

- DVD writer

1 5.25" slot available.

- Ethernet

Gigabit ethernet built-in.

It should be possible to add WLAN later.

I guess you can use the second PCI slot for that.

It would be nice if there were space for an additional DVD drive.

1 5.25" slot available. You can put a DVD-ROM or a DVD-writer in.

Important: The system should be very quiet (soundless???).

Very important to me, too. According to c't, the system is very quiet (1.2 Sone). I will see how that works out for me.

There is also a MSI Hetis 865GV-Lite, which costs less, but has no
DVI and only 100Mbit eithernet.


I am looking forward to hear your experiences or to get links to
corresponding websites.

Thank you very much.


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