Next problem, all I need is a pointer... 

I want to run a premium card and a budget card (both DVB-T) in the same box.
This is so I can always plat and record, or have two recording at the same
time, even if the channels are on different frequencies (is transponder the
right word to use when discussing DVB-T?). At the moment I can watch/record
two sessions provided they are on the same main channel - ie, two BBC, or
two SKY channels. But not a BBC and a SKY channel even though they are on
DVB-T broadcast from the same antenna. 

But when I try to start the two cards when modules load, they get in to a
state about which module is handling which IRQ and pretty soon they whole
box decides to shutdown and reboot - I think I have found the Linux
equivalent of a BSOD! This was not the idea this weekend. 

I think I need to load BTTV with parameters that tell the module I have two
cards, which they are, and what they do, rather than let BTTV default this. 

Where can I get some documentation on BTTV? I think the parameters I need
        CARD=<one>,<two> RADIO==<one>,<two> TUNER==<one>,<two>

Any pointers to where this is documented? 

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