On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 15:20:53 +0200, Torsten Schlabach wrote
> 1. Does Sascha Volkenandt still develop the plugin? In the README 
> file on the CVS his site 
> http://www.magoa.net/linux/index.php?view=streamdev is still 
> mentioned, but this hasn't been upgraded for quite a while and the 
> move of the CVS to vdr-developer.org looks like someone else has 
> adopted this ??

There is a statement from him in German:
For those who don't understand German a brief summary: He is currently quite
busy and therefore concentrates on one plugin only, which is the burn plugin.
He doesn't want to let streamdev out of his hands, however he would appreciate
it if someone else would become a maintainer with equal rights.

AFAIK there's no second maintainer yet. At least the modifications for VDR 1.4
and a few bugfixes have been commited in the meantime.

Those interested in vdr-to-vdr streaming might have noticed, that I started
off to provide replacements for some of the vdr-to-vdr related menu features
of streamdev. With remoteosd and epgsync two plugins are already available and
there's more to come. Sascha Volkenandt agrees that it makes sense to move
these features into dedicated plugins.

> 2. Is this mailing-list an appropriate place to discuss usage and 
> further development of the plugin? I am still struggling to 
> understand how linuxtv.org, vdr-portal.de, vdr-wiki.de and vdr-
> developer.org relate. Some of them seem to belong together somehow.

Most streamdev related discussions take place in vdr-portal.de. Although
almost all posts are in German, you can of course post in English, too.

> 4. Did I understand correctly that the streamdev server can be used 
> in two *different* ways, 1. through the VTP procotol (as described 
> in PROTOCOL), through default port 2004 and 2. independent of VTP 
> through HTTP on port 3000?

This is correct. VTP is quite similar to SVDRP and is used for vdr-to-vdr
streaming (i.e. by the streamdev-client). The HTTP port allows streaming to
clients such as mplayer. Several different stream formats are supported.


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