I'm not in Washington, but getting channels in the US is basicly the same
everywhere. You need a TV that can work with NTSC signals insted of PAL. You
should be able to find some stations with just some "rabbit ear" antenas
that mount on the back of the TV. Or find a radio shack near you and get an
antena to put on your roof. The sales man can tell you whcih way to point it
and what channel numbers to expect to get. Then flip through the channels.
Should at the least have the 3 big old networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC. Don't
know what numbers they will fall on there. For cable you will likly have to

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> Hi!
> Can somebody located in the US near Washington D.C. tell what US-wide
> tv-channels are broadcasted there, I need to know channels that
> broadcast mainly news/information.
> If you also can tell me how to recieve those channels (in Washington D.C
> via cable/satellite) it would be nice.
> Or does anybody know a page where a german can find out how the US tv
> market works with all ist's local stations?
> Regards
> Marco
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