thats quite sure. 
the only way momentarly getting the softdevice running is with "-ao
dummy:". without it, it complains about:
"[softdevice-audio] Playback open error: plug:spdif, Invalid argument
FATAL exiting".
for my understanding, it gets ac3 audio stream from the tv-card, and
tries to open the default audio, spdif in this way. i just must redirect
it to the right device, but which one?

i'm searching for a command line containing somethings like
"-ao alsa:pcm=plug:spdif#ac3=plug:spdif#". 
as one can see, i've tried several "plugs" like spdif, default, line and
front, but none worked.
i've searched some time the net, but nothing found explaining something
like this.

i explicitly do not want to learn the alsa api, write my own program,
which in turn tests some various strings, witch might work for my
softdevice. (i've already taken a look at the api, and it is a bit
difficult for my limited programming skills...)

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