On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 07:34:32PM +0200, Udo Richter wrote:
> daliman wrote:
> >Sorry but it is not possible for me to describe this error in english.
> >Maybe the google-translator work.
> >
> >Bei Aufzug eines Gewitters empfängt die Satanlage kein Signal mehr,
> >so daß ich nur noch schwarz sehe, jedoch habe ich nach einiger Zeit
> >wieder Empfang. Wenn während dieser Zeit aber eine Aufnahme läuft,
> >dann beendet sich der VDR. (Restart; runvdr).
> (translated: With a thunderstorm approaching, the sat receiver receives
>  no signal, so that I see only black, however has I after some time
>  reception is back. If a recording is running during this time, then the
>  VDR is terminated.  (Restart; runvdr).
> With a proper runvdr script, VDR should restart instantly. VDR detected 
> that there was no data received for the recording, and signals by error 
> level that the runvdr script should reload the DVB drivers and then 
> restart VDR, in hope that the restart of the drivers fixes the reception 
> issue.

yes, and no ... thing is, this is something which annoys
me for some time now, and maybe I dig into it to find a
better solution ... 

for some reason channel A fails because of a thunderstorm
or a covered lnc (think bird) or one of several DVB cards 
have a problem with the reception (cable unplugged, wrong 
diseqc commands issued or whatever), which leads to a vdr
which is restarting every 10-15 seconds, and all other
receptions will be affected ...

IMHO that should be handled more gracefully ...


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> Udo
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