On Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 04:26:19PM +0100, Chris Elsworth wrote:
> > Chris Elsworth wrote:
> > >When viewing a channel, pressing Up/Down currently changes channel;
> > >would it be possible to allow these buttons to just show channel
> > >information (with now/next in) for the previous/next channels,
> > >allowing one to quickly view what is on the other channels? 
> > 
> > Why don't you use the schedule from main menu for it? There's a now/next 
> > display mode for that. You can also switch channels from there.
> Hm yes, that will actually do the job. I guess the only reason I ask
> for the above is that I'm used to it, and found it a fairly nice way
> of channel hopping (I'm migratin from Sky in the UK).

PS: vdr-pilotskin (and vdr-pilot, but I didn't try that one) look like
they do exactly what I'm after in this section :) hope tht helps
anyone else who was looking for that functionality.


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