On Sun, Aug 06, 2006 at 08:46:22AM +0200, Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> > 
> > So my only issue to sort is the miscoloured OSD now. It turns a
> > beautiful shade of pink when the problem occurs on my setup :)
> try to manually set the HUE to 0 or 100 instead of
> the default 50, we had (and solved?) this problem some
> time ago ..

Hello Herbert,

Yes, I read the old mails and found the hue of 0 or 100 suggestion,
and tried it (see original mail I posted) and it didn't work. I just
tried it again with softdevice from cvs to double check and it didn't
have any effect, so maybe I'm running into a slightly different

Do you have any suggestions about how I might try to debug it?


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