Can anyone point me to a documentation that describes how to use "scan" (dvb-utils) to build a working channels.conf? Apparently the syntax of the channels.conf or the parameters of scan have changed over the years, because the parameters that used to work for me once don't do it anymore. :-(

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/video# dpkg -l | grep -i dvb-utils
ii  dvb-utils    1.1.0-9     Viewer programs for DVB cards

I used the following command to scan Astra19.2:

scan -o vdr -e 4 -s 1 -v /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-s/Astra-19.2E >> 19.2-scan.txt

Here is a line of a working channels.conf:

PREMIERE START,START;PREMIERE:11797:hC34:S19.2E:27500:255:256=deu:32:1722,1801,1702:8:133:2:0

And here is the line that scan just generated:

PREMIERE START;PREMIERE:12070:h:S19.2E:27500:3071:3072=deu:32:1:8:1:1:0

The caid information and some other stuff that I can't figure out seem to be missing. :-(

(Don't bother about the different frequencies. This channel changed about a week ago; that's one of the reasons why I need to do a new scan).

Thanks for any help!


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