Darren Salt wrote:
I demand that Klaus Schmidinger may or may not have written...

Oh, while we're at it: you're apparently selling stuff over your web site
at http://www.dalibox.de, as can be seen on


However, I can't seem to find any detailed information regarding who is
actually running this web site. [...]

"whois dalibox.de" appears to provide that information.

Yes, but at least in Germany a commercial web site must itself
contain a section that identifies exactly who is behind it, and
a link to that section must be prominently placed and available
from every page of the site.

I didn't make this up myself - it's the law. I just wanted to inform
him about that, in case he didn't know. These "reminders" can be very
nasty and expensive.

It's especially strange since he won't provide information about
his alleged patent to an "anonymous poster" (meaning myself), but
does himself hide behind a veil of obscurity...

I'm beginning to doubt that any such patent does in fact exist...


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