Marco Skambraks wrote:

I use a technotrend dvb-c 2.3 premium card with latest firmware 2623 and almost the latest dvb drivers
and also one CAM for RTL, SAT1 etc. and one for premiere
if I switch to an encrypted channel like premiere - vdr always try to get the key from both CAMs
that results in a CAM message like this:
"Sie haben keine Berechtigung für diesen Sender"
so, I turned the smartcard-messages off (CAM menu)
now it seems that it is OK, but sometimes it takes a long time to switch from one premiere-channel to another
if I remove the iesy-smartcard (iesy - my cable provider in hessen)
switching channels is much faster

In VDR version 1.4 the CA_PMT records (that's the data a CAM needs in
order to know which PIDs it shall decrypt) are sent to all CAMs in
one CI device. I know that this can be a problem, and that's why I'm
going to address this first thing in the upcoming 1.5 developer

Sorry, but at the moment I guess turning off the CAM messages is
all you can do.


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