Christian Wieninger wrote:
Hi Klaus,

the next release of my plugin will have a couple of man pages. I included an 'install-doc' section in the Makefile. But one has to do a 'make install-doc' in the plugins source directory to install them.

What do you think about a 'make install-doc-plugins' in VDR's Makefile like that:

@for i in `ls $(PLUGINDIR)/src | grep -v '[^a-z0-9]'`; do $(MAKE) -C "$(PLUGINDIR)/src/$$i" install-doc; done

I wouldn't mind having that.

However, what if a plugin's Makefile doesn't provide an
'install-doc' target? You might want to make sure this
doesn't cause tons of error messages. What we would also
need is the appropriate change to the 'newplugin' script.


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