Anssi Hannula wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
VDR maintenance patch 1.4.1-4 is now available at

This is a 'diff' against version 1.4.1-3 (which is the official
version 1.4.1, patched with, and

Small fixes to the officially released VDR versions will be first
made available as "maintenance patches" in the Developer directory,
so that they can be reviewed and tested before a new official
release is published.

So please apply the above patch and report whether it works (or
if it causes any new problems).

This version requires plugins to be recompiled.

Yet you didn't change APIVERSION. I see your problem, you already raised
it to 1.4.2, and don't want APIVERSION go to 1.4.3 even before 1.4.2 is

I would recommend having an independent version numbering for
APIVERSION, without relation to the VDR version.

It was probably a big mistake to introduce APIVERSION in the
first place. I'm already regretting I've ever let myself be
talked into doing this...

APIVERSION is only incremented in levels of official VDR releases.
During maintenance patches it may at some point be incremented
to the next official release version, but that's it.


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