WOW...It works. My system now tolerates switching channels on same transponder 
with Dpid without my CAM (Conax) hanging.

Nicely done Klaus. 

Is it going in vdr-1.4.1-5, vdr-1.4.2 or vdr-1.5?


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> [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] För Klaus Schmidinger
> Skickat: den 14 augusti 2006 11:49
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> Ämne: Re: [vdr] Blank screen when switching channels on same 
> transponderwith Dpid
> Tomas Berglund wrote:
> > Your workaround patch only prevent additional dpids to be 
> set when dolby is disabled. I really would like to switch 
> channels with
> > dolby enabled. The problem is that those additional pids 
> are never removed....or set to false in SetPid(). 
> > 
> > Is there any other way to add additional pids without 
> setting them with ciHandler->SetPid ? If AddPid() is used to 
> set them, they
> > would be removed in cDevice::DelPid().
> Please try the attached patch. At least with my CAM here I don't
> get any more sticky PIDs in the CAM now.
> Klaus

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