> I have  looked
> at this page: http://dvd.sourceforge.net/dvdinfo/pes-hdr.html and i can 
> parse pes, dts and other stuff.
> But i need some more informations like horizontal size and vertical 
> size, which can be found in a sequence header
> (http://dvd.sourceforge.net/dvdinfo/mpeghdrs.html#seq).
> Can somebody help me with this task? I must say, that i dont know
> where  to find
> the sequence header in the pes packet.

Hi Christian G., 

AFAIK (and a quick check in a VDR recording seems to validate this), the 
sequence header can be found in the video elementary stream. You need to 
extract the payload of all PES-packets flagged with stream ID 0x224 (video 
stream 00) to get the elementary stream, and then parse this one according to 
ISO/IEC 13818-2. 

As far as I can see (in my example VDR recording here on my disk), the first 
PES-packet in each 00?.vdr-file belongs to the video stream 00 and its payload 
starts with the sequence header right away. Most likely this is because VDR 
starts and splits the recordings always at GOP-boundaries. 

hope this helps a bit...
Christian V. :-)

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