Udo Richter wrote:
Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
@Martin: any news on this? With recent drivers and firmware it should be
possible to record and watch even the high-bandwidth channels like ZDF
on a FF card.

Question is, how recent. I'm just running a recording on ARD. vdr-1.4.1-5, DVB driver of kernel, latest beta firmware f22623. Lots of transfer buffer overflows and sluggish OSD, because VDR used the primary FF card for recording, while the secondary budget card is idle. System is back to normal if I switch to another channel.

Just tested it by recording ARD from the primary device and
watching it live at the same time. No problems whatsoever.

The driver I'm using is the Mercurial version 2006-02-05 (well, actually
that's not _that_ recent, anyway) and the firmware version F12623 as
of 2006-07-22. The size of my firmware file is 240044, and the md5sum
is 099329687c91131e616b4dcd8a118a25. My CPU is an AMD K6/II 450.

Basically I do find it a good idea to preserve devices that provide
more channels for live viewing, so before reverting to the old method
or introducing YASO (Yet Another Setup Option) it might be a good idea
to find out why this isn't working on your system.


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