Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> @Martin: any news on this? With recent drivers and firmware it should be
> possible to record and watch even the high-bandwidth channels like ZDF
> on a FF card.
The problem appeared with "Tagesschau" on ARD. Not every recording on ARD or ZDF has buffer problems, but when it is live and maybe even 16:9, it is very likely that it happens. And there is no chance to do an additional recording on the same transponder without problems.
I always use very recent drivers from hg, never older than 3 weeks.  I even patched it with the performance + refactoring patches
from Oliver ("UFO") which seems to make it a little bit better.
>The driver I'm using is the Mercurial version 2006-02-05 (well, actually
>that's not _that_ recent, anyway) and the firmware version F12623 as
>of 2006-07-22. The size of my firmware file is 240044, and the md5sum
>is 099329687c91131e616b4dcd8a118a25. My CPU is an AMD K6/II 450.
F12623 ? where do you get it from? has it ever been released officially? I remember that Werner mentioned F12623 in vdrportal in June, but the last version which was posted there is F22623 from May
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