Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
Dirk wrote:

what does a line like this mean?

Aug 20 20:01:23 martini vdr: [29347] timer 7 (6 2250-0020 VPS '00new~Law & Order - Die heimliche Geliebte') set to event Die 22.08.2006 23:10-00:00 'Law & Order'

FYI: Timer 7 is a VPS timer. But its start time (22:50) is
NOT exactly the start time of the program (23:10).

Does this line tell me that VDR has detected that timer 7 wants
to record the event starting at 23:10? And it will correctly start
and end triggered by the VPS events?

Sorry, I just realized that this event doesn't have a VPS time,
so the timer will just record from 2250-0020.

For an event with VPS time this line would look like

Aug 20 19:50:16 video vdr: [4921] timer 16 (6 2200-2230 VPS 'Kanal fatal') set 
to event Fri 25.08.2006 22:00-22:30 (VPS: 25.08 22:00) 'Kanal fatal'


That's the idea behind VPS ;-)

This would be fine! But the manual says that VPS timers have to
start exactly at the correct time.

If you program a VPS timer, the start time of the timer must be
the VPS time of the event. The actual start time of the event
may change, but the VPS time will remain the same (provided the
broadcaster doesn't screw up ;-).


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