Jörn Reder wrote:
Hmm, it's not that easy because it ignores the original intention of this thread.

Not really. The side effect that osdteletext will force recordings on the FF card on the same transponder was caused by the change in 1.4.1-2, that was some time before your post. Its going back to the "[vdr] device.c: cDevice::GetDevice" topic from syrius.ml.

The topic did some twists and ended at bandwidth issues on transfer mode, and I was investigating why at all the recording starts on the (CAM-capable) FF card instead of the (free-only) budget card.

It makes no sense that a CAM budget card is always used to
record a free channel, which makes it impossible to view and/or record encrypted channels at the same time. A CAM is a valuable resource, wasting it is obviously a bad idea.

What if the FF card is the only one with the CAM?



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