Simon Baxter wrote:

I'm looking at getting the following from

Technotrend Remotecontrol SET
Technotrend Technotrend "Dual Tuner" Package (Technotrend Premium S2300 (Rev
2.3) "modded")
RGB/S-Video J2 Extension for Technotrend Premium (for component/RGB-out)

Has anyone got any advice on getting this working with VDR?

I bought the "modded TT S2300 (rev2.3)" from DVB-shop and use it as my primary DVB-card. Works like a charm.

I've been using VDR with budget cards for a few years with vdr-xine.  This
will be my first FF with an MPEG decoder - any problems/advice on the
quality of the RGB-out?

I've never got RGB to work fine with my TV (to high voltage even with the recommended resistors in place) so I'm using S-video instead which gives me much better picture.

Also, will this card support HD ok???

No. At least the MPEG decoder won't.


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