>> I'm confused.  I thought component video was RGB?  s-video uses luminance
>> and chrominance, component uses RGB - am I wrong?
> Component video is "color difference",  S video is very similar to
> component, as there is a Y(luminance) but there are 2 color signals
> instead of one (R and B), the "difference" between R and B, makes G.
> RGB contains much more video bandwidth then component video.  Svideo
> cannot handle HDTV, Component and RGB can.

Makes sense.

> I have 3 DVB-s cards in one machine, 1 is a FF, the other 2 are budget.
> I run in softmode using softdevice 100% of the time.  Even though I
> don't receive and HDTV at all, using the output of a VGA card into a LCD
> projector produces a much better picture.
> The advantage to the FF card, is that it will work in a slow computer as
> the card does all the
> work.

and you should be able to get better startup times I guess.  I've been very 
impressed with the vdr-xine quality with DVB - except now I'm using 
pvr-input on a PVR-150.  This is only a temporary measure until I get all 
the bits to build a DVB-S system.

> Displaying HDTV will need a powerful computer.

I'm using a Shuttle PC with an s-video out.  Since this can't be used for 
HDTV, maybe I need to look at getting a TV with VGA input - or find an 
RGB/Component card and buy a budget DVB-S.  That leaves me with a PCI slot 
shortage.  Hmm, maybe I need to rethink all this....

Thanks for your help, by the way.... 

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