Simon Baxter wrote:

Incidentally, is anyone out there using vdr-xine with HDTV? What kind of PC/hardware are you using? Any comments on quality etc??

Some DVB-S & MPEG-2 1080i demo channels still run on Sirius 5.0E. Works quite well with xine xxmc and 720p DVI/HDMI output to a LCD TV. The problem is that the HW deinterlacer in my FX5200 card is poor quality with some jagged moving edges. High quality SW deinterlacers such as GreedyH run only in "cheap" mode in my Sempron 3100+ CPU. Anyway cheap mode quality is not that bad.

My first tests with Nvidia 6200 and new HW deinterlacer look quite promising. I might also try 1080i mode with xxmc and deinterlacing in TV (5200 is not capable to 1080i trough DVI).

There is also support for MPEG-4 decoding in 6xxx 7xxx series nvidia cards but unfortunately not supported in Linux. Only MPEG-2 acceleration works.

I wish Klaus would upgrade some day to DVB-S2 and soft HDTV decoding :^)


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