Stefan & everyone else ,

This weekend I spent time and completely un-installed my Xorg, and
compiled modular Xorg 7.1 from sources.  I also fetched vdr 1.4.1, and
softdevice 0.2.3a, dvd-cvs and compiled them, no other plug-ins, ZERO
patches to vdr or softdevice.

I setup Xorg to use the "nv" driver (opensource) and found the overlay
issues still persisted.  This is with 5-6-5 color depth, 640x480.

I then installed the newest nVidia driver, 1.0-8774, with color depth of
24bpp (32bpp), 1024x768 had the same issue.

Interestingly, before I start the DVD plug-in the overlay is fine.
During DVD playback the overlay has the issues I have mentioned before.
But oddly, *AFTER* DVD playing is completely stopped, the overlay remains
messed up.  i.e., the OSD with no video in the background, telling me
"invalid channel" has the artifacts.

Does softdevice grab a black background image or something along those
lines when video playback is first initiated and keep that for the OSD?


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