I am using vdr1.3.44 and have a motor. I have been tring use the sat
location number to group channels. I allow 3 digits after the sat number for
channel numbers within that sat. So channels for sats at 127w the channel
starts at 127000. To seperate channels that are added from vdr vs manually
added to the list with channel numbers, I first tried adding :200000 as teh
last line. This partly worked. But If I try to bring up the guide and move
to a section that includes that channel number, vdr crashes. If I let it run
for several hours after adding before tryin the guide, sometimes it would
show without crashing, but still crashed more then not. For another test I
set the last entry in the list to 127999. It then added a channel which
shows in guide as 128000, but when I tried to select it, again vdr crashes.
I thought maybe it was a limit of the yaepg plugin. But I get the same thing
when trying the built in guide. What is the channel number range limit?

Also, I notice when looking at the channel.conf that channels added from vdr
rotor plugin don't show up in the conf for at least 5-10 minutes. If you
shut down or crash before that, the channel entry is lost.

A request for vdr 1.5 would be multi channel list where each list with
contain just channels for a given sat or provider, as well as favorites

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