On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 09:37:42AM +0100, Stuart Morris wrote:
> I can create DVD ISO files using vdr-burn-0.1.0-pre20 ok but only if vdr is 
> run as root.
>  If I run vdr without root privelage DVD ISO creation fails at the start.
>  My /tmp folder and ISO destination folder have the appropriate access rights.
>  The burn shell scripts are marked executable and can be read by others.
>  Any one know what is wrong here?
>  Here is the dvd.log file
> [render] sh: /usr/local/bin/vdrburn-dvd.sh: Permission denied

First of all, does the script start with a proper #! line pointing
to a valid interpreter that can be run by the vdr user, e.g., #!/bin/sh?

If there is a permission problem within the script commands, you can
track it down by adding the parameter -x to the #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/bash
line.  That enables the logging of the commands executed by the shell
script.  Then you should be able to see which command fails and try to
run that command as the vdr user from the shell prompt, optionally
under strace to find out what is causing the permission problem.


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