On Wednesday 30 August 2006 17:48, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Sebastian Kemper wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > there's an open bug report for the Gentoo VDR ebuilds regarding locale
> > vars: http://bugs.gentoo.de/view.php?id=445
> >
> > Up till now everything gets set to POSIX and afterwards LC_COLLATE gets
> > set to whatever the user requests in the init script's config file. My
> > suggestion was to make LANG accessible in the config file as well,
> > because both are mentioned in the VDR docs.
> >
> > Is there any final wisdom on which locale vars influence VDR?
> VDR itself doesn't react on any environment settings, except when
> checking for the presence of UTF8 (which it refuses to run with).
> It's mainly the runtime library that reacts on these locale settings,
> using them to decide how to sort strings, for instance.
I think one part of the request was to find out which functions of libc/other 
runtime libs exactly are influenced by locale-settings (and which settings?).

And if it only is searching/sorting why not just strip the utf8 out of the 
locale-setting via code at the beginning of main and set charset to latin1 or 
the one selected by lang.

Annotation: Why does vdr.c only check for LC_CTYPE and LANG as LC_ALL 
overwrites them all when set.

Correct order for the check would be
if (LC_ALL set and contains utf8) ||
  (LC_CTYPE set and contains utf8) ||
  (LANG set and contains utf8)
{ error; }

I vote for at least correct usage of charsets by vdr, that has not to be utf8, 
but will not be that more complicated once started. I could start a new 
thread if this leads to any useful discussion.


Matthias Schwarzott
Gentoo Developer

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