Anssi Hannula wrote:
Jukka Palko wrote:
I am curious on the recording priorities and especially what is the way
vdr decides which card to use to record at a given time.

My system is now setup this way:
Card #1: Technotrend C2100 rev2.1
Card #2: Hauppauge Nexus-CA
Card #3: Technotrend C2100 rev2.1
-card #3 has the CI attached to it and a Conax CAM

I have setup the card #3 to be my viewing card.

So does vdr select the card which to use for recording by starting from
card #1 and then if card #1 is busy, then card #2, etc?

Somewhat like that, the actual selection process is more complex.

And if card #2
is recording and card #1 and #3 are not, then card #1 is used?


Or is the card chosen in such a way that if one card is already tuned to
the frequency then that card is used for recording that channel?


The reason I am asking this is that I wish to keep my card #3 free for
viewing those encrypted channels and still be able to easily choose
recording on those encrypted channels.

Automatically done as of 1.4.1-4.

I noticed there is the priority setting, which for recording I currently
have set to 50 and the primary card usage is allowed for only higher
priorities than 55. This would be one way to keep my card free, but then
if I want to record on encrypted channels, I need to set the recording
priority to higher than 55? Not exactly easy for other members of my
family. They can be taught to do it so, but wish there was an easier
solution. ;)

No need to use this.

In certain ways I was whondering if there could have been a way to set
those encrypted channels to have a higher priority than 55 on recording
them so that recording would just happen.

No need for that, either.

I'm basing my question on the understanding that vdr can only tune into
encrypted channels using the card that has the CAM attached to. Is this
valid still?


For a reference, here's the algorithm VDR 1.4.2 uses to select the
device for viewing and recordings:
If this is liveview and the primary device provides the channel without
interrupting anything else, it is used. Otherwise:
Devices that have higher priority receivers on other transponders than
this recording will not be considered.
For other devices, checks are done in this order (the first ones are
valued the most):
1. If the card is already recording on the same transponder, use that
2. Avoid the card if it has an ongoing recording.
3. Avoid the card if it is used for transfer-mode receiving.
4. Use the device which has the lowest priority recording already running.
5. Use the device which has the lowest number of CAMs.
6. Avoid primary device.
7. Avoid full-featured cards.

Thanks for the answer, now I can put that useless priority setting away. :)

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