On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 09:27:15AM +0100, Stuart Morris wrote:
> The script vdrburn-dvd.sh starts with #!/bin/sh
> I tried changing it to #!/bin/bash but I got the same result.
> I also tried changing the default interpreter from sh to
> bash for the vdr user but again with the same result.
> The script vdrburn-dvd.sh already has the command set -x
> which I guess enables logging.
> Could this be a problem with mjpegtools1.6.2 and not the script?

The error message:

> >  Here is the dvd.log file
> >     
> > [render] sh: /usr/local/bin/vdrburn-dvd.sh: Permission denied

hints that the kernel cannot execute or the shell cannot read the
script (after the kernel has interpreted the #! line).
"chmod +rx vdrburn-dvd.sh" might help.


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