I got a problem while receiving TF1 (TPS France). I can tune to this channel, and then view the channels for about 20 seconds, but after that the stream stops, the screen is somehow distorted, if I switch again to TF1 I get the message "No right to watch" and the channel is never shown until I do a CAM reset.

My Viaccess CAM has firmware version 1.07, and I tried to update the firmware to 1.08, I tried vdr-1.3.38 and 1.4.2, but after the message "Please do not extract ..." no further messages are shown, in the manual for updating the CAM they tell that the update should need 30 minutes, I had this channel tuned about 2 days and nothing happed. No progress messages, and no update. After reinserting the CAM the firmware version is still 1.0.7.

Can anybody tell me what to do, to get TF1 working again?



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