Lauri Tischler wrote:
I seem to remember that there was a patch to prevent stopping and starting recording
if audio-pid changes.
Was there ?

*** Program really starts and audio pids are set up***
Sep 2 20:50:12 vdr vdr: [2900] channel 2 (YLE TV2) event La 02.09.2006 20:50-21:47 'Siska' status 4

The program starts at 20:50:12...

Sep 2 20:50:18 vdr vdr: [2903] changing pids of channel 2 from 513+129:660=fin,661=sve:2321 to 513+129:660=deu:2321

...but the audio pids are set up at 20:50:18, which is 6 (six!)
seconds after the show has begun. I'd say you should contact
your broadcaster and complain about this. The audio pids should
be set up *before* the show starts.


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