Klaus Schmidinger writes:
 > Lauri Tischler wrote:
 > > I seem to remember that there was a patch to prevent stopping and 
 > > starting recording
 > > if audio-pid changes.
 > > Was there ?


 > ...but the audio pids are set up at 20:50:18, which is 6 (six!)
 > seconds after the show has begun. I'd say you should contact
 > your broadcaster and complain about this. The audio pids should
 > be set up *before* the show starts.

I remember this discussion before.  Back then, from VDR version 1.3.24
the decision was to not to restart recording if the PIDs do not
change, but only the language codes.  It was like that for some
1.3 versions, but shifted quietly back to the old behaviour a bit

The same arguments here...


And some more:

>From Teemu Rantanen:

     I wouldn't expect them to change in the middle of a movie, but
     some documentaries may have interviews and actual film footage in
     different languages. I haven't yet recorded any that actually
     change languages in the middle of a show, but just wondering if
     there is a limit what you can and what you cannot change...

...and then for VDR 1.3.24 this was implemented.


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