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> For a reference, here's the algorithm VDR 1.4.2 uses to select the
> device for viewing and recordings:
> If this is liveview and the primary device provides the channel without
> interrupting anything else, it is used. Otherwise:
> Devices that have higher priority receivers on other transponders than
> this recording will not be considered.
> For other devices, checks are done in this order (the first ones are
> valued the most):
> 1. If the card is already recording on the same transponder, use that
> device.
> 2. Avoid the card if it has an ongoing recording.
> 3. Avoid the card if it is used for transfer-mode receiving.
> 4. Use the device which has the lowest priority recording already running.
> 5. Use the device which has the lowest number of CAMs.
> 6. Avoid primary device.
> 7. Avoid full-featured cards.

is it possible to give different priorities to transfer modes ?
i'm using xineliboutput for liveview
streamdev vtp for 2nd liveview ( would several liveviews be handled in
vdr 1.5 ? :) )
i'm using a script to manually get epg (something that reads from
streamdev http) and i like this to have priority over vtp but not over
xineliboutput. (and for sure recordings still have the higher

is it possible to change the priority in the plugin sources ?
(i'm still not understanding everything about Receiver, Device and
{p,P}riority, any advice where to start ?)

for example, i'd like xineliboutput to set a higher priority to the
receiver (is it the good term ?) when a xine client is connected.
so that transfer_mode-liveview with xinelibout gets handled in a
better way
does it make sense ?

is vdr actually ready for that kind of things ?


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