C.Y.M wrote:
Yes, I like the idea of backgrounding VDR using "&" and then using 'wait $PID'.
 Is that the method you use?  I've been trying to find the best way to do this.
 Could you give me an example? :)

Something like that. This is a snippet of my overgrown runvdr script:

  # Run VDR
  eval "$VDRCMD &"

  # Remember PID of VDR process

  # Wait for VDR to end or signal to arrive
  wait $PID

  # Remember return value of VDR

The reason I do it this way is that I also handle some signals sent to runvdr, to terminate or restart on demand. If you want to start something in parallel, its probably no big difference whether you start your script before or after VDR, as long as you background it. You can background within a script like this:

    sleep 1s
    echo -n world
  } &
  echo -n "hello "
  sleep 2s
  echo .

For now, I'm just trying to send a MESG via svdrpsend.pl to VDR so it displays a
welcome message after starting up and initializing its plugins.

You can wait for the SVDRP socket to accept connections, that would be one way to wait for a mainly running VDR.



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