Dave wrote:
Im experiencing a problem with libxineoutput.  The video and audio are
out of sync.  the settings for the plugin correct it good for one
channel, but then are out for another channel, so Ive had to put it in
the "middle" so its kinda out of sync equally across all channels, but I
find it unacceptable.  I also have an A/V sync problem on another
machine playing DVD's, where mplayer is fine, so I suspect it to be
xine-lib, rather than the plugin, I am just wondering if anyone else has
seen this.  VDR 1.4.0, CVS libxineoutput.  Latest xine-lib 1.1.2-r1 I

I shoud note that Im using spdif passthru.  the DVD playback on another
machine is regular analog.

I'm also experiencing A/V sync problems with xineliboutput.  They
appeared when I switched from analog audio to spdif passthrough.

I haven't been able to correlate the problem with anything specific
but I think the format of the audio has an impact to the severity
of the problem: AC-3 streams are more likely to be out of sync
than PCM streams.

I also have occasional audio drop-outs.  It is possible that they
are caused by the coax cable but I suspect it might be software


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