I uploaded the third version of the SpAn-plugin.
It can be found at http://lcr.vdr-developer.org/


2006-09-08: Version 0.0.3
- Bars falling completely now when pausing the replay
- Updated the patches for mp3ng*

2006-09-07: Version 0.0.2
- Implemented bar peaks (used in the graphlcd-patch and mp3ng).
- Therefore a change in the protocol "Span-GetBarHeights-v1.0" was neccessary, please adopt the changes. In this early stage the protocol version number is not increased. - Slightly modified the management of clients and providers (for better performance). - Modified the algorithm to calculate the bar heights and introduced some "default- optimizations" (for 16/20/32 bands) to make the spectrum look "more intuitive". - Introduced the MainMenuAction that displays service-providers and their status. - Introduced two new service protocols to be able to display service-providers and their
"Span-ProviderCheck-v1.0" and "Span-ClientCheck-v1.0"
All plugins (pcm-providers- and visualization-client-plugins) should implement
them in order to inform the user about the capabilities of each plugin.
Have a look at the README to get to know how to use them.
- Added patches to the "patches" folder:
for mp3ng-0.9.13-MKIV-pre3-span.diff (enabling it to
provide pcm-data and to do the visualization)
for lcdproc-0.0.10 (enabling it to do the visualization - tested only on 4x20 chars)
for cdda-0.1.0 (enabling it to provide pcm-data to span)
for graphlcd-0.1.3 (enabling it to do the visualization - tested only on 128*64px)
for mp3ng-0.0.10-alpha (enabling it to display the peaks)

Christian Leuschen

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