Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
On 10 Sep 2006 Jörg Wendel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

i use the the function "cStatus::ChannelSwitch(const cDevice *Device, int ChannelNumber) {}" in a plugin, now i wonder that it is called every 21 seconds! This begin 60 minutes after starting the VDR. Is this the the normal behavior?

I guess that's VDR switching the channel für EPG scan.

That's correct.

How i can detect wat's the matter, a 'automatic' channel switch or a 'normal' 
switch triggert by the user?

As far as I'm aware you cannot detect this at this level.

Well, VDR itself uses EITScanner.UsesDevice(this) in 
to detect this case. However, I won't guarantee that this will still be 
in future VDR version, because I don't like this...


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