So Carsten, you talk about archiving. Then you should definitely go for h264
coding, with constant quality. 
Why keep everything online? What is the aim of having terra bytes online? It
costs a lot of energy.

Coding and burning to an offline media would help a lot then. 

And BTW: even your mp3 collection is larger than you can listen to it in one


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Guido Fiala wrote:
> Sounds like the core computer of the USS-Enterprise - How many 
> Terra-Quads are this? ;-)

Actually, according to
the Enterprise D has a mere 630.000 Kiloquads.

But seriously: My VDR system started out in June 2000 with a 9GB SCSI disk
in a 150 MHz PentiumPro system.
Disk space has increased a bit since then, but in another
6 years all of that will fit into a single disk and that will not be the
largest disk you can buy for a home computer, either.

Neither is my VDR system even close to the largest one.
I believe that Matthias Schniedermeier has so many disks in his house that
the house no longer requires a separate heating system. ;-)


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