Carsten Koch wrote:

> Neither is my VDR system even close to the largest one.
> I believe that Matthias Schniedermeier has so many disks
> in his house that the house no longer requires a separate
> heating system. ;-)

Not excatly.

I would call it "semy-online"-storage.

Normaly the HDDs are switched off.
But as they are connected to USB-Power-Switches they can be switched
on/off automatically by the computer.(*)

But nontheless i don't have any "normal" heating system in my cellar and
i haven't needed one in the last 2 winters. ;-)

At least theoretically, currently it seams i've reached a point where
Linux has a problem with the shear size of my USB-Tree, or there is a
hardware-defect in one of the USB-Hubs that brings down the HUB-Driver
of Linux.
So until i find the time to "make a full diagnostic" (I'm currently
watching Voyager, so please excuse Star Trek Jargon) i'm currently using
the "manual override" by manually powering on/off the HDDs and manually
plugging a cable directly from to the Root-Hub.

As i only have to do this procedure every few weeks, when temporary
storage get a bit full, it hasn't be a problem i can't live with for a
little while. :-|

Bis denn

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