[EMAIL PROTECTED](Carsten Koch)  12.09.06 20:22

>Guido Fiala wrote:
>> Sounds like the core computer of the USS-Enterprise -
>> How many Terra-Quads are this? ;-)

>Actually, according to
>the Enterprise D has a mere 630.000 Kiloquads.

>But seriously: My VDR system started out in June 2000

Started at aprox the same time with a 30GB IIRC.

But im still at 160 GB and have problem to watch all i 
recorded during the week.

One of the nicest feature of VDR was the "auto deleting" for me.
One missing feature is: High/low speed play with sound...

>Neither is my VDR system even close to the largest one.
>I believe that Matthias Schniedermeier has so many disks
>in his house that the house no longer requires a separate
>heating system. ;-)

Doesn't he have his own power plant near by?
(Some said it belongs to Nordeutsche Affinerie in Hamburg, 
but we know better.)


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