there is a minor update for the remote control plugin.

2006-09-02: Version 0.3.8
- cRemoteDevInput: Ignore all event types except type 1 (key).
- Added Italian language texts (thanks to Nicola Franchi).
- Added Polish language texts (thanks to Jakub Wolnicki).
- Fixed cTtyStatus::SetVolume() for API version 1.4.2.

It can be downloaded from 

See README for details.

Short description:
This plugin extends the remote control capabilities of vdr.
The following remote control devices are supported:

(a) linux input device driver ('/dev/input/eventX', X=0,1,2,...)
    - built-in remote control port of the av711x-based DVB cards
      (aka full-featured cards), e.g. DVB-S Nexus [1]
    - remote control port of some budget cards, e.g. Nova-CI [2]
    - other input devices (not tested, please report success!)
    See file FAQ for a list of cards which have been reported to work.

(b) keyboard (tty driver): /dev/console, /dev/ttyX

(c) TCP connection (telnet)

(d) LIRC

[1] supported by DVB and dvb-kernel
[2] supported by dvb-kernel only

Summary of command line options:
-i dev,   --input=dev   select device which supports the /dev/input protocol
-l dev,   --lirc=dev    select LIRC device
-t dev,   --tty=dev     select terminal device
-T dev,   --TTY=dev     select terminal device with 'OSD'
-p tcp:n, --port=tcp:n  select connection on tcp port <n>

vdr -Premote
vdr -P"remote -i autodetect"
    Try to autodetect device '/dev/input/eventX' (X = 0,1,2,...).
    If no device can be identified, '-i /dev/input/event0' is used.

vdr -P"remote -i /dev/input/event2"
    use specified input device '/dev/input/event2'

vdr -P"remote -l /dev/lircd"
    select LIRC remote control

vdr -P"remote -p tcp:3333"
    wait for a telnet connection on tcp port 3333
    (use 'telnet vdr 3333' to access this port)

vdr -P"remote -t /dev/tty10"
    use terminal device without 'OSD'

vdr -P"remote -T /dev/tty10"
    use terminal device with 'OSD'

vdr -P"remote -i autodetect -p tcp:3333 -t /dev/tty10"
    use multiple devices

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