I would like to suggest a feature for VDR: channel categories

The idea (if it's not obvious from the name), given many of us deal with a
lot of channels, it would be nice if we can put them into categories and
have VDR, VDR's EPG and EPG viewers understand it.

So if our basic channels.conf lists the channels, perhaps a
channel_category.conf breaks those down into user defined categories (i.e.
"Local Channels", "Sports", "Favorites", etc).

It seems most other TV viewing programs (DVB, analog, whatever) supports
this capability and I find it most useful, especially the "Favorites" as I
normally I like to watch a subset of channels I can get.

Having a seperate file to maintain categories seems like it wouldn't break
existing EPG and/or VDR code.  Maybe VDR could provide an option to flip
between "raw" channels.conf and "categorized" channels.

I know there are other features planned and bugs to fix...maybe this can
be added to the planned features list.


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