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21.09.2006: Version 0.9.15 development (vdr 1.4.1-4)
- NOTE: This version has been tested with VDR 1.4.x only. It might be still
  compatible with VDR 1.2.x or 1.3.x, but this wasn't verified.
- In MPlayer filebrowser you can display a summary text file with key "0".
  Filename convention: video filename extended with ".summary", e.g.
  "somefile.avi" -> "somefile.avi.summary". Summary files are not shown in the
  browsers filelist. (was in 0.9.14 already, but was missing in history)
- Using ".txt" and ".nfo" as alternative extention for MPlayer summary file
  display. Suggested by Soeren Sonnenburg.
- Additionaly searching for a MPlayer summary file with the video filename
  extention stripped of (e.g. "somefile.summary").
- Added SVDR and service support to MP3 and MPlayer plugin. Based on a patches
  provided by Olivier Jacques and Holger Brunn.
- Added setup option to reverse title/artist display in MP3 plugin.
- Added support for basic HTTP authorization in MP3 streaming.
- Now passing correct name & path to VDR's status class during MPlayer playback.
- Added commandline option to specify a subdirectory to load sources file from.
  Suggested by Ronny Kornexl.
- Added commandline option to specify a directory for the global MPlayer resume
  file. Suggested by Ronny Kornexl.
- Added -S option to ppmtoy4m call in example image convert script. Suggested by
  Thorsten Gehrig.
- Replaced leftover usleep() calls. Thanks to Malte Schröder.
- Moved cleanup of ID3 cache to a seperate thread to prevent watchdog timeout.
  Suggested by Peter Holik.
- Fixed browser excludes taking effect only after the first directory change.
  Reported by Soeren Sonnenburg.
- Fixed parsing the filename from MPlayer output. Based on a fix from TomG.
- Fixed MPlayer volume changes. Take non-linear changes in VDR into account.
  Reported by Daniel Karsubka.
- Fixed delay when MPlayer process exits at EOF. Reported by Daniel Karsubka.
- Fixed MPlayer volumen handling for VDR 1.4.1-2. Note that the current code
  doesn't work with VDR 1.4.1 and 1.4.1-1.
- Fixed button translations with vdr 1.3.38+. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
- Fixed some gcc 4.1 issues. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
- Removed explizit libz dependency from Makefile. Suggested by Ville Skyttä.
- Updated Makefile according to changes in VDR 1.3.47 & 1.4.1.
- Updated finish translations. Provided by Rolf Ahrenberg.

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