CR wrote:
>> I have tried to sort away channels that I do not care for into groups
>> (using the existing channel group feature). The trouble with that is,
>> that such a channel could change into a channel I do care for.
> Usually for the channels that are changing, does anything remain constant,
> i.e. the channel name?  I see similar issues, but for me the name is
> typically the same.

Yes, I do remember cases where the names did change.
For example, did not MTV (Music) change to NICK (Comedy) and
then to sothing else?

Of course, it also happens that a channel is simply no longer
in service and all that's left is a dead channels.conf entry.

I would like to get rid of all channels that I cannot receive,
no matter what the reason is (I cannot decrypt it, it is no
longer being brotcast, etc.). It would be good to only have
channels in the channels.conf that at least produce a picture!
But it does not end there. If, for example, I move a channel into
my "Spanish" group (I do not understand spanish), I will never
look at it again. But later on the channel may become an english
or german (or music) channel worth looking at. How do I find out?

> Hopefully it could be made userfriendly, so one could, for example, define
> the language(s) one wants, and all others are optionally chunked into
> blacklisted land.

Yes. The following algorithm for NEW CHANNELS would be good:

1) Can I receive any data from thic channel?
   (i.e. does the femon plugin show a video rate > 0)
   If no: do not create a channels.conf entry.

2) Is the audio language among the configured ones?
   If yes: Move to "New Channels" group.
   If no: Move to "Cannot Understand" group.

It might also be helpful if the "New Channels" and
"Cannot Understand" groups will be scanned again
regularly using the same algorithm, automatically deleting
any channel that fails test 1) above.
Such a scan should not touch the other groups,
because I might have for example a spanish music channel
in them that I do want to watch in spite of the fact that
I do not understand spanish.


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